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I am thrilled!!!

Yup… more than happy! It began with the desire to check my email before going to bed last night and then… a bunch of happiness filled every corner of my body 🙂 I know it sounds exaggerated but really… I … Continue reading

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A day in Aula Magna

“Here I am again… another day in Aula Magna” 🙂 Yup it was my first sentence when I sit down in the row 5 Aula Magna left. Brrrr…. it was cold as usual and I over heard a bunch of … Continue reading

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Cross country skiing

The sun was shining beautifully and there were lots of people went outside the park the opposite of our flat. Hubby and I too… we were skiing, cross country ski for exact. There is a story that I remember every … Continue reading

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What happened yesterday?

Yesterday, I wasn’t able to write here because I had quite a lot of interesting things to do 🙂 or should I say… I was nervous for my first university party, LOL!!!! I’ll start with what happen in the morning… … Continue reading

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My new self confidence :)

New self confidence? Yeah… have a look at the picture on your right side, it is called ‘Soto Ambengan’… my first to be exact. So… why? The explanation will be… I admit that I’m not a good cook. I have … Continue reading

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Cheese tortilla ‘pancake’

Sometimes I can be a very lazy cook and lately I have found the solution for that 😀 A simple food that safe our dinner a couple of time and the good thing is I can change the taste whatever … Continue reading

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A lesson to remember!

I believe that every human being who is born in this world bring a book of odyssey with empty pages. It is depend on us, what kind of stories that we want to write in every pages. Which road that … Continue reading

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