Lesson of my idle time from this blog

I know that it has been long time I haven’t write anything here. Well.. I feel a bit guilty but there are many factors that stop me to write. Yeah… there is no excuse but still just a small up date from me 🙂 *stubborn mode on*

First, I was sick for more than a week. I got flu for the first time after have been living in Sweden for 3 years now and I’ll tell you that was not fun at all. The strange thing was I got bleeding nose for almost every day too and I don’t know why 😀 I did some search about the cause of this bleeding nose and it seemed not worrying at all, so… just had a good rest and drink a lot of water which was I did. Second, my project at school kept me on my toes all the time. I know that it is my fault to choose being a student in gymnasium and university at the same time, but I enjoyed so much though LOL!! Third and final reason is that sometimes when I had a spare time, my laziness got the best of me and succeed to make me just lying on the sofa and browsing in internet without trying to write something. Kind of stuck with no idea at all inside my head 😀 I think this is the worst excuse ever!

But I have learned some lesson too you know. Mom and Dad *my parents in law* came to Stockholm and helped us to renovate the house. From them I learned how to take out the wallpaper before we  replace it with the new one. It was tough because we found out that there was 7 layers of old wallpaper from 50ies till the modern one 🙂 yup… it is the right number, 7! The steamer that supposed to be able to take the wallpaper easily *if it is only one layer* seemed didn’t help us at all, so we needed to do it manually. We succeed to take wallpaper out from 3,8x 3 meter room.

Another lesson I got from watching competitions called Vikingarännet *Ice skating competition* which held every year. The route for the ice skater was 80 km from Uppsala to Stockholm. They skated on ice and I could see how fit they were to be able to skate in the freezing temperature. I adored their courage and discipline to train and make a commitment to a thing that they love to do. I saw skater from many different ages and even I saw many elderly people join this competition and this fact gave me inspiration to do and commit more to things that I passion about. Another lesson to learn… the same feeling I got when we went to watch the world series of cross country skiing in Falun, 3 hours drive from Stockholm. I was amazed how strong and brilliant those athletes that competed in that competition. It was a exceptional journey that I grateful for.

Tomorrow is another Monday with school activities and yes… a new week with lots of hope that I’ll be able to do my best and learn the every day lesson well. I’m still coughing but hey… it won’t stop me no more 😀

Nite nite folks… will see you again tomorrow, promise!!

Stockholm, dym 200311

About demaodyssey

A Balinese who is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I love to write almost about everything and it helps me to understand more about myself and life.I love traveling, where I can learn a lot about other cultures, I love reading where I can improve my languages skill and learn about others through their works, and photography is one of my passions where I learn to understand nature deeper. I am a dream catcher... and will always be! Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy to read my posts. Take care
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2 Responses to Lesson of my idle time from this blog

  1. anje says:

    saya juga lagi batuk dan dekah . Semoga cepet sehat yah

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