Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?

🙂 There is a funny story behind that question!

Tonight was my first Spanish course part 2 in Åsö and we started with the general questions about the weather, day and date, what we had done for the whole day (before the class), introduced ourselves and so on. Actually, I got place in the morning time but I changed it yesterday became a night one because I’m afraid that it will collide with my study in university. So, the story continues…

After awhile, we did some repetition like asked each other more specific question like I wrote above, a question about our birthday, between the classmate at the same table. My classmate was a young Swede lady which seemed a bit surprise when I answered that question “Mi cumpleaños es el 31 de marzo. Tengo 33 años” 😀 yeah… you are not the first one girl who surprised to know my age LOL!!! Yup… I could say that my classmates in gymnasium and in the university are lot younger than me. They are born in 80ies and even 90ies and I found often a surprise look on their face when they know that I was born 1977 😀 but you know what… I love to see their face when they find out the fact!! 🙂 I know sometimes I could get a very negative reaction from them but so far… I managed to prove it to them that I can put the same effort and can compete with their young brain. There is no age limit to get an education, in my point of view 🙂 We had a lot of fun tonight and I adored our teacher who could make the course so interesting.

Ok… another news, the snow has melted a little bit. I could see some of the roads have no snow at all and dry. I took this picture on the way to school today and yes… the sun was shine and a bit windy but it wasn’t cold. This is a usual foot path that I pass in my every day journey to the metro station. As you see that the snow is still there but I guess it will be swipe away soon 🙂

When I was walking from school and the clock showed 21.15 I felt that something touched my face couple of time, I wasn’t sure if it was snow or rain but it was cold hahaha because it was quite dark outside :). I haven’t check what is the weather for tomorrow but hopefully it will be the same as today’s. Nothing special plan for Thursday, I’ve been thinking to go to Åsö (again) and I might go to the National library hmmm… we will see tomorrow but definitely I need to finish all my Spanish text, pick up the book from a girl and get going with my photo project. Other than that is a bonus.

Strangely enough, I don’t feel hungry tonight but a bit annoyed because I’m coughing again 😦 while this morning I was free from it. Upss…. I need to call and make appointment with the doctor regarding this running nose and cough that I have for almost two weeks now. My books are waiting for me… bye for now folks!

Stockholm, dym 230311

About demaodyssey

A Balinese who is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I love to write almost about everything and it helps me to understand more about myself and life.I love traveling, where I can learn a lot about other cultures, I love reading where I can improve my languages skill and learn about others through their works, and photography is one of my passions where I learn to understand nature deeper. I am a dream catcher... and will always be! Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy to read my posts. Take care
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