My story today…

I’m tired today… I have to admit that my energy seems gone without any left for me.

It started from yesterday, I tried my best to understand and put all my efforts for my Swedish accounting book. The story continued in the morning when I felt that it wasn’t right to have such a very sleepy eyes at 7 am in the morning. Nervous was with me all along till I reached Stockholm University and faced my accounting exam. It didn’t go well to be honest and yeah… on the way back home thousand questions in my mind. I don’t know the purpose of it… was it to calm myself or…

Have I tried my best to study? Yes.
Have I put all the efforts to understand the subject? Yes.
Have I calm myself on the exam? Yes.
Have I did my best to answer those question? Yes.
Have I defeated in this exam? I guess so!
and so on… and so on…

I rest my case. It doesn’t mean I want to find an excuse about a bad exam. I understand that there is no excuse, someone or something to blame for my failure but I’ve tried to learn from it. Off course I’m sad and disappointed but should I waste my time to just sit down and cry about it? Noooo, big time NO! This is a part of the process and I’ll face so many failures to understand deeper and to master one thing. So, next time I’ll make it better… I’ll try harder!

My day went not so well but the show must go on… I face my obstacle but it won’t put me down. Another battle will come on my way, another mountain will stand in front of me to climb and I’ll be ready… because I know that to win the war… I don’t need to win every single battle. One thing for sure… I learn a lot about life from the pain, sadness, failures and rejections. I’m pursuing my dream to become a survivor!

Stockholm, dym 080411

About demaodyssey

A Balinese who is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I love to write almost about everything and it helps me to understand more about myself and life.I love traveling, where I can learn a lot about other cultures, I love reading where I can improve my languages skill and learn about others through their works, and photography is one of my passions where I learn to understand nature deeper. I am a dream catcher... and will always be! Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy to read my posts. Take care
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