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Long hour job

Snow stay for a while and I could see everything is white, not only the park but even the trees 😀 and you know what… I love it!!!! Today, I haven’t been able to enjoy my surrounding because I started … Continue reading

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I feel good, ta… ra… ra… ra…

Hi hiiiii… it’s me again! After having dinner as usual its time for a post here 😀 I feeeeeeell so gooooddd!!!! My day went so well (thank you God) and school books are ordered. Left only a shirt to iron … Continue reading

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Early evening report *not really* :D

While other has a walk outside in the nature, I did mine inside, in the gym exactly. I managed to walked about 13 km and cycling for 2 km, not bad huh?! I feel good after having almost 2 hours … Continue reading

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Good morning from whitey Stockholm :)

Morrrrniiiinnggg from winter wonderland Stockholm 🙂 Yep!!! Stockholm is white and so inviting to go around and take some pictures but first… exercise to make this body stronger to face another challenge. A new spirit has come and accompanied me … Continue reading

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The first 22nd in this year

New day another date arrived, 22nd January… a day with lots of hope. I made some have to do list for today and I’ll try to check all of them. Well, if I can’t do it all then I know … Continue reading

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It’s me again…

I’m finish to prepare all the school paper *schedule* and also I’ve done some reading, the result? Getting excited more and more 😀 My school is Södertorn Högskola which smaller than Stockholm University but I feel more comfortable to study … Continue reading

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Story about my Kaffir Lime plant

Yes, it is the picture of my kaffir lime plant which I suppose to write about it last night but I had so much to do and need to finish first. Back to the story 😀 By living away from … Continue reading

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