Cloudy day activities

Good afternoon friends 🙂

It’s me again, this time I have plenty of time writing a post. Outside, the sky is grey and here I am sitting in the room alone with my laptop 🙂 In the morning Mom, Dad, P and I had a 6 kilometer walk around the area and on the way back home, we visited Grandma’, Grandpa’, uncle Assar’ and Uncle Arne’s grave. They are from P’s side, hmm… why I need to make it clear because in Sweden, it is not common to called your hubby family as your own but hey… I am Balinese and in my family, we have a basic principle that as soon as you get married with someone than both families become one. That is why I called my parents in law as Mom and Dad while I called my own parents Ibu and Aji 🙂 Well, it might sounds weird for some people but hey… I am Balinese so for me it is absolutely normal 😀

Well, another tradition every time P and I visit Mom and Dad is go to the cemetery and say ‘Hi’ to family who buried there, this time we only have chance to visit family grave yard from Dad’s side because from Mom side is located quite far from the house where they live. After Dad and Patrik went for practice before the hunting season begin in 1,5 months my thoughts is still with the grave yard atmosphere. I decided to have a look my photos collection and I found a couple of shot that I took when I went to Skogkyrkogården. I think I have posted a little bit about it here and pictures in this post are taken the same day with the one in my previous post. If you would like to know more about this woodlands cemetery, you could find more information here.

There is something unique in this cemetery, a peaceful feeling just to see how grand and beautiful the place is. If I compare this cemetery with the one in Bali, of course definitely I’ll say that I am more comfortable to have a long walk here rather than the one in my home town. Believe me, the surrounding is completely the opposite of each other. I admitted that I always feel scared every time we have to pass any cemetery in Bali 🙂 even though we are going there with a couple of other people, usually family member from Ibu’ or Aji’s side. I don’t know what is the thing which make it like that and until now I still can not find the answer. But in Skogkyrkogården, I don’t have the same experience, well… at least most part of it 😀 I haven’t gone to all the area here but I’ve been there alone and I feel fine even though I don’t meet any other there. I feel safe, calm and… enjoying to see the high trees, many special and pretty grave stone, the decorations and one thing that I love the most is witnessing how the sun lights break through between the greens, as if I am in other planet 🙂 Tell me that I exaggerate a little bit, but the thing is I would like to describe in details what I’ve been felt when I am there 😀 hehe!

I took thousand shots from this place and trust me… these are not my last ones, I’ll go there again some other time with my camera and I’m sure there will be something new to see and capture 😀 I change the color of some pictures to make them more interesting and the story behind it could seen clearly. I love to play with color in photography, sometimes it  can help me to send the message quicker 🙂 but yet again… I am still in the process of learning.

I hope I don’t make you scared with this post 😀 The actual place is more beautiful than the one that I show here. I could say, if you have spare time to use when you visiting Stockholm, then this place could be a good option to experience 🙂

Ups, did I tell you that I took some pictures of Mom’s flowers in the garden? Yeah, before I let myself being alone in the room, I was busy taking photos and now it seems all have been transfer to this computer. Will try to post them here, maybe soon or later 😀 I haven’t decided yet hehe! Well, time to grab a cup of tea 😛


Stockholm, dym 15072012



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