Travel theme – tradition (Swedish Midsummer celebration)

Another week, another theme to write here 🙂 This time, I would like to show you when Swedes celebrate one of the fun and beautiful tradition called Midsummer. These pictures are taken in Dalarna, one part of Sweden where you could find lots of original red house, beautiful scenery, traditions and not to forget forget mention the home made craft. This tradition held in almost all over Sweden, from a small village to a bigger town. But I guess if you want to get the real deal, then celebration in Dalarna is one that use the original set up. It starts with going from one point by the river to the town by boat and you can see couple of musicians plays with their instruments and some of them are singing midsummer’s songs. Continue with parade, where people who walk in the second line bring the decoration for the Midsummer pole. Behind them, you will see many people are wearing the traditional clothes with beautiful colors that catch your eyes and trust me… you don’t want to take your eyes off from those amazing clothes *well… it happened to me* haha!

If you happen to be there and doesn’t have any traditional clothes to join them, you can make your own Midsummer crown. You can grab a tree branch and make it a circle than you can add many of wild flowers surround you 🙂 About Dalarna’s tradition clothes, once… I have asked one of those ladies who wore the traditional clothes about the price and wow… I was almost shock to know the number, I can tell you… it cost a fortune to have it 😦 In my mind I was dreaming that one day I will able to have one of those beautiful dress 🙂

Ok, back to the celebration! When the have raised the Midsummer pole, the artist will start singing and there will be many traditional dances. This celebration is attend by not only adult but from baby, toddler, teenagers and even pets. Some of them bring their own picnic while watching all programs in the middle of the field. Usually the weather is a bit moody, it could be rain but the heavy one, just showering and doesn’t take so long before it stop. It is a normal view to see people bring their umbrella as a back up just in case the weather is not in their side 😀

As you see, in the left picture… you can see couple of people are raising the Midsummer pole and this girl made her own Midsummer crown, isn’t beautiful? *it is for me :D* In my opinion, you can’t really get bored with this type of celebration because it is always something to watch, lots of things to capture and many faces with huge smile near you 🙂  The last part of the celebration will be dancing together around the pole. One in your life time, you have to do it LOL!!! It is fun even though you can’t really sing or understand the song called ‘Små grodorna’ which I can translated literary ‘small frogs’ you will have laugh and holding hands with someone in your right and left side. You will jump together, run together and put your hands up together and it doesn’t matter if you are local or stranger, you will enjoy the fun atmosphere and togetherness. This tradition has bring us to moments where the color of the skin is nothing and through smile we feel that we are brothers and sisters.

I, personally… love any culture from different continent in this world and for me, to witness something like this is privilege. Now, I try to go to Midsummer in different area every year  and to see and capture what is in front of me and to be able to celebrate summer in a very Swedish way 🙂


Stockholm, dym 26072012

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A Balinese who is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I love to write almost about everything and it helps me to understand more about myself and life.I love traveling, where I can learn a lot about other cultures, I love reading where I can improve my languages skill and learn about others through their works, and photography is one of my passions where I learn to understand nature deeper. I am a dream catcher... and will always be! Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy to read my posts. Take care
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10 Responses to Travel theme – tradition (Swedish Midsummer celebration)

  1. These people in traditional costumes really warm my heart. I haven’t seen a lot of traditional performances like this these days in England.

    Luckily people are allowed to be creative to do their DIY crown! Lovely tradition!

    • dema1497 says:

      Thank you for dropping me line Janet 🙂
      I am lucky that in Sweden we still can see these kind of traditions at least once a year. We have an open air museum where the staffs there are using many different costume from all regions in Sweden 🙂 If you have chance to visit Stockholm, then I’m willing to take you to Skansen, the open air museum 🙂

      • Wow! That sounds absolutely wonderful! You may be inundated with visitors from WordPress………Thank you!

      • dema1497 says:

        Well… I, myself love Skansen so much and it would be nice to introduce and show this place to anyone who visit Stockholm 🙂 at least to inform them to spare one whole day for this place because it is huge and loads of interesting things to see 😀

      • You’re the star of WordPress community!

      • dema1497 says:

        Aaaaahhh thank you for your kindwords Janet, I just an ordinary person who love to have lots of friends and sharing and learning about life together 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this joyful, colorful tradition!

  3. ailsapm says:

    Stunning, Dema, and what a glorious way to celebrate Midsummer. Those costumes are fantastic.

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