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I miss my favorite place, Skansen!

Did I tell you that I miss Skansen? Yeah, it has been a couple of months I haven’t been able to walk in Skansen, the open air museum located in the heart of Stockholm. It is like missing something that … Continue reading

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Back to the city we love

We just arrived in Stockholm after spending Christmas with my lovely in laws. It was a comfy celebration, we ate a lot and just had long chat and play games with all presents that we prepare. We have kind of … Continue reading

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Kilas balik 2012

Belum juga tahun baru kok sudah bikin kilas balik? Emang siapa yang melarang?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Tentu saja kita bisa memulai babak baru di kehidupan kita kapan saja, yang terutama adalah bagaimana kita menggunakan kilas balik itu sebagai acuan untuk menjadi lebih … Continue reading

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I start on Christmas

There are a couple of dreams that I haven’t able to catch when 2012 is almost over, and I decided to start on Christmas! It has been a quite interesting journey this year, with lots of ups and downs, not … Continue reading

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Another day another story

Another day another story, today was interesting in my point of view. The weather is so much better than yesterday but some of the public transportation still gets some distraction. For example the train from the station close to our … Continue reading

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Finally home!

What did I do today? Wellโ€ฆ I can tell you that I was being adventures! First, woke up with a pile of snow in front of our house. P and I were discussing how we should go to work, by … Continue reading

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Kisah saat terjebak badai salju

Badai salju? Yup… dari tadi malam Stockholm diterjang badai salju, terutama di daerah kota madya Haninge dimana kita tinggal. Ketika bangun tidur sudah melihat 30 cm salju ada di halaman, berpikir bahwa kereta pastinya akan terganggu dengan cuaca seperti ini. … Continue reading

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