The Old Town in Black and White

The Old Town in Black and WhiteThe Old Town of Stockholm City is a place where people enjoy to have stroll or take their friends, their loved ones, or their guests from abroad who are visiting Sweden. It has many small alleys which has something unique about each one of them. I have been to this place so many times and of course have so many chances to capture the beauty of it, but…this time is quite different!

While waiting for my lovely P to finish at work, I made my way to spend my time in the Old Town, alone… well with baby A actually. I decided to walk slowly and take my time to explore every single passage I passed. I was amazed that there are many things that missed from my visit before. I had my camera with me and looking through my lense, I realized that I didn’t know this place that well. Every single shot I made was special, at least for me! I saw a different side of the place that located in the heart of Stockholm. Different faces of the Old Town where the Swedish Royal Palace is located. I was so glad to make a decision to kill those 2 hours of waiting by choosing this place.The Old Town in Black and White

I took many pictures indeed but of course I can’t put them all together here. I randomly pick some of them and make a black and white photos which I think it shows the beauty of the Old Town even more. Well you can agree or disagree about it but as I said, the theme of this post will be a simple black and white.

That afternoon I saw still many people were walking especially in the main alley which is where you can find many restaurants and shops. Even though the time was 4 pm but I guessed the weather was so sunny and no one want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the sun as long as it shines. Not only local I passed along my way, I saw some tourists among them who also tried to maximize their visit to the capital city of Sweden. I couldn’t help myself to not capture those people in front of me. Well they didn’t mind anyway hehehe

Looking at these pictures in my computer brings those memories back and definitely I’ll be there again to have a long walk with baby A soon. Honestly speaking, I can’t get enough The Old Town in Black and Whitewith this place yet. It is very rare for me to come and enjoy this place in winter time, mostly I come here in summer time. Usually close to Christmas time, they will have a Christmas Market where you can enjoy the atmosphere of joyful season in December month. Back in 2008, I was there and took some pictures of the market but I guess I won’t put it in this post. This post will be all about the Old Town in the spring time. Will make a separate post to show how was the Christmas Market which held in front of Nobel Museum, in the heart of the Old Town.

Actually today was a nice day, I could say a perfect day to have another visit but I decided to skip it this time. Will do it maybe next week, either alone or taking some friends who willing to have a long walk with me hehehe. Hopefully we will have a sunny day and quite warm so I don’t need to wear layers of clothes. I have to take as much walk as I can because one said that it is good especially when the time comes to deliver baby A to the world. So far, I have been walking quite a lot and I feel good about it. As I remember, last year I didn’t have the same chance as this year and I realized that my health in 2014 wayThe Old Town in Black and White much better than 2013. My plan is I will keep doing lots of walk in the woods or in town through the year, no more stay at home and feel lazy especially when the weather is on our side.

You know what, baby A teaches me how enjoy the walking even more. Don’t get me wrong, I love walking but since I am pregnant the frequency of stepping my feett everywhere is more intensive than before. The effect of it quite incredible, I feel that I have more energy to do lots of stuff and see more than I used to. Baby A loves to walk and if I stay at home for the whole day, definitely I feel someone kick me hard all the time hehehe and the kicking won’t stop until I found myself outside catching some fresh air. Who can imagine that a small human being inside the womb could teach adult that much. I love every second of this pregnancy!

Soon, less than 7 weeks, we will able to hold baby A in our arm. Laughing together, stay awake at night and be able to communicate with our first child in the family. Can’t wait and getting excited along with every single day passed by. The baby room is almost finish, just need some finishing touch and I guess by the end of this month, everything will be ready to welcome the new member of The M. Baby A will born at the same time when the World Cup is on TV, it would be interesting to see which match that is on the day baby A decides The Old Town in Black and Whiteto come. The due date is actually on 20th June 2014 but as I heard from many friends and also midwife that it could be a week before or after. I’ve read on the internet that when the pregnancy reach 37 weeks, the baby counts as a full term baby. If it is right then it means that by 31st May 2014, baby A will reach the full term inside the womb. Hmmm… 3 weeks to go.

Well, I guess I need to stop now and try to get going. Will meet my lovely hubby and pick up some package that my sister sent from Bali. Before I leave, please remember…if you happen to visit Stockholm, I highly recommended to visit Gamla Stan, the Old Town in Swedish language. Trust me, it is worth it!

See you all in another post!

Stockholm, dym 06052014

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3 Responses to The Old Town in Black and White

  1. I’ve been here in Sweden for ages and still love it when I go to Gamla Stan. Can’t do it enough. Thanks for this post.

    • dema1497 says:

      You’re welcome Joel and thank you for stopping by 🙂
      Agree indeed with what you said. There is always different things to discover in every visit.

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