Another Day to Stay at Home

Another Day to Stay at HomeI still got cough and decided to stay at home for another day with hope that tomorrow I will be free from coughing and able to go out again. The sun is shining again and actually there is not much to do at home since I did all the laundry and cleaning yesterday. Preparation for the labor is also done so… I decided to just sit down with my laptop and looking at some old pictures and have a good rest.

My eyes came across my shots when we were in Birka, Viking town in Stockholm last summer. Thinking about it makes me realize that we won’t have chance to go to Gotland this year to attend the Medieval Festival because baby A is still very young to go. I thinkAnother Day to Stay at Home next year suits us better and the other reason is it is quite late to book a hotel now in Visby. I bet all the hotel, B&B and some summer lodges are fully booked by now. Well… we will aim for 2015 then!

Back to Birka…to go to this town, you can buy a boat ticket from Stockholm and it would take about 2 hours to reach Birka. There are many places that you could catch the boat and the information about it you can check it here. The price of the ticket depends on where you want to catch the boat. We went there with friends who have their own boat and it took us only 10 minutes because they live close to this island. Last time we were there, it was a Viking Festival where I met lots of people wearing the medieval clothes and had their stands to sell many stuff from food, jewelries and even some activities with tour guide who explained the history of this Viking town.

These are some pictures that I took on our trip. As you may notice that I love anything Another Day to Stay at Homeabout Viking. From the clothes, their signs and what they do! I don’t know why I am so fascinated everything about it hehehe. No words can explain my admiration for everything about Viking and medieval, I just fall in love with it and for me, it has something special that always allures me. For the clothes itself, actually I wish I could sew my own clothes and have a complete collections. Actually if you want, of course you can buy it but trust me, it can cost you a fortune to have one. Usually these type of clothes is handmade so every single clothes is unique, that is another reason why it is quite expensive to buy one. I have one actually but I want to have some more. You can buy the pattern in Viking museum and make your own and use your imagination and creativity to even make your dress more stand up and special compare with others.

I look outside and the sun is shining strongly, baby A is just waking up I guess and starting to kick me softly. We’ll go outside later on just catch some fresh air in the garden while enjoying our lunch. Let finish this post about Birka, shall we.Another Day to Stay at Home

One thing is you can not compare the Viking market in Birka with the one in Visby because the one in Birka is way smaller that the one in Visby, Gotland. But still you can sense the essence of Viking time in this area. If you don’t have anything to do in a summer time then Birka could be one of your choice of destinations to visit in Sweden. You can bring your own food to do picnic with family and friends while enjoying the view from the top of the rock where you climb and there is St. Ansgars monument.

In Birka, there is a small Viking museum too which has display some information about the Another Day to Stay at Hometown itself and there is museum shop if you want to buy some souvenir to take home. In the other side of the island, there are a couple of Viking houses and you can see how they live and using the tools they have to make their own food and how the interior of the house (as you can see in one of my pictures shows here) If you happen to be there, don’t forget to visit a Viking boat which is located just stone away from the houses by the water.

We spent almost the whole day there before headed back to the house to continue enjoying summer weather. Maybe one day, we will go again to Birka with baby A but the first Viking destination for our little princess will be GotlandAnother Day to Stay at Home

I think someone is starting to get hungry so time to have some yoghurt and fresh fruits. Enjoy your day friends… and see you again soon!

Stockholm, dym 10062014

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  1. Thanks for this nice story. Feel better!

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