Waiting Game

Waiting GameNo, no… don’t be mistaken by the tittle, this is not about a song that has the same tittle hehehe. This post will be about our little one, baby A!

Our precious baby A is 38 weeks and 4 days inside the womb and as a parents, P and I are in the waiting game to see her for real. It would be an amazing opportunity in life to be able to hold her, to kiss her and to communicate for her, to do anything fun with her and writing our journey together. Now, I am preparing a book which will be filled with chapter by chapter and every step that three of us take. We will climb a new mountain and passing a new road as a family.

We are quite curious how she would look like, will it be like me, a Balinese or like her dad, a Caucasian. Well, we will love her unconditionally no matter what. Her farfar (P’s dad) is so happy to find out that he got what he wish for last Christmas, a little girl in the family.
Every body is actually in the waiting game and it would be a celebration when our little miss is born.

Her room is done and we are really satisfied with how it turned up. We got mix stuff for theWaiting Game room, some of them we got from friends that have kids before us for example the baby’s crib and the crib musical rattles, a standing lamp from her dad P when he was young, two shelves for her stuff like hats, toys, etc that we bought from Blocket, a second-hand website in Sweden, a cupboard for her clothes that also we got it from Blocket. We found a couple of cute toys when we visited Flea market around Stockholm, one green dinosaurus and two sheep dolls that we put one in her bed and the other one on top of the shelf. The bookshelf we bought in IKEA because it is kind of hard to find it in Blocket. So, I can say that mostly the furnitures in her room are recycling stuff. Well, it doesn’t mean that we couldn’t afford to buy a new ones but we choose to teach baby A some value in life. It is good for environment and also we can show her later on that in life we have to be prudent in handling money and other economical situation. She might not learning now but this note will be able to show her in the future why we choose to hunt more of her stuff in second-hand shop and flea markets. Your value as a human being is not measured by wealth or material but it is measured by your attitude, behavior and inner beauty. This is what we want baby A to learn. It is fine Waiting Gamenot to have everything new, as long as those stuffs are clean and hygiene, so it should be okay.

Our baby is the lucky one, she got many clothes from our friends both used and new ones. We decided that she will use P’s first clothes when we bring her home from hospital. The picture will be display here for sure. Baby A even has already clothes till she reaches 2 years old. We are blessed and so grateful surrounding by family, friends and loved ones who love us just the way we are. They are so nice and giving us many advise and helps to make all the preparation perfect for our precious baby A.

So far I don’t feel anything that can annoyed me, in other words I could say, I love being pregnant. To feel the baby kicking me from inside is something that I look forward every single second. I could laugh and have smile all over my face for the whole day because of those tiny human being trying to communicate with me. Definitely I will do it again, no doubt about it! I know there was weeks where I couldn’t eat anything and throw up every single hour from morning and nights but yet again I am so glad and grateful that God has given me this chance to be a mother, carrying a baby inside me and having so many wonderful moments with baby A. Those tough 5 weeks is nothing compare withWaiting Game movements of baby A lately.

9 more days but we never know, our baby girl might decide to come earlier or a bit later. The important thing is we are ready for everything, from the hospital bag, her room, all the paper we need to bring to the hospital, snack (this is the most important one LOL!!!) and a special play list on Spotify which we will listen while I am in labor.

Talking about the play list, we… well, actually I, created it from songs that we used to hear from the beginning of our journey together in Dubai, then moved to England and now in Sweden. So, it has many of our songs and a reminder how unique our journey is so far. P and I grew stronger together as a team, passing many challenges in life and now… here we are, in waiting for our little one! So we would like her to recognize those beautiful songs to start her journey with us together as a family. Yesterday, we did BBQ for dinner and we listened for it and it felt sooooooo good! Once again, we are so ready to see our little girl!

This afternoon, my mucus plug came out. I called to hospital and the midwife just ask me Waiting Gameto wait and continue to do as normal with caution that I have to notice if I got early
contraction or so. I sent email to my midwife too and she suggest me not to take any bath but still can shower though hahaha. The actual labor is different from woman to woman.
Sometimes it can take a couple of days after the mucus plug comes out, but some woman needs to wait for another week or so to be in the pace of the actual labor. So the waiting game is getting more exciting and yeah… something is started now.

I have to check one more time my hospital bag. Just in case I forgot something and maybe I need to put something more. Other than just keep checking if something happen this coming days. Tomorrow, I have plan to go to town, just take a stroll and doing some errand. We will if baby A wants to see the world tomorrow or she wants to wait a coupld of days more. We have decided that baby A will wear her papa’s first baby clothes which is almost 45 years old. We also packed P’s first baby blankets, baby hat and socks. Luckily the colour of it is white, can you imagine if the colour is blue LOL!! Well actually it doesn’t matter about the colour, we will take lots of pictures and we’ll post it here for sure.Waiting Game

Baby A is so active today compare with yesterday where she was so lazy and slow to move. We woke up quite early this morning, around 4 AM, she started to kick me hard and felt hungry. I was so happy to know that she is active as usual after I was quite worried about her. I thought the cough medicine that I took could effect her but once again, glad to know that she is fine and back being an active baby.

I am quite relax and enjoy this progress and hope everything is going as it should be, amen. Tonight, I had dinner with small salty fish with rice, accompany with Indonesian tea called ‘Teh Botol Sosro’ and after that I had a big bowl of watermelon. So friends… hopefully I still can keep you up date about us! See you soon…

Stockholm, dym 11062014

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A Balinese who is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I love to write almost about everything and it helps me to understand more about myself and life.I love traveling, where I can learn a lot about other cultures, I love reading where I can improve my languages skill and learn about others through their works, and photography is one of my passions where I learn to understand nature deeper. I am a dream catcher... and will always be! Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy to read my posts. Take care
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  1. Fascha says:

    Whuaaah,,, makin deg2an nih, semoga lancar lairannya ya mbak ….

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