Baby A’s 1st Adventure

Baby A’s 1st AdventureIt was 27th of July when we took baby A for her first adventure in Swedish nature. We went with farfar *grandpa*, farmor *grandma* and Gunni to a place called Bjorkudden. Baby A’s 1st AdventureThis is located quite close to where my parents in law live and it is a really cool place because you can actually enjoy river view. Because it was really warm *about 34 degree Celcius* we saw some people took a chance to swim in the Öre river. How about us? Näää… we just enjoyed the view and have a stroll together. This is the first time for me and A to be here and I like it, I can make sure baby A likes it too because she was really calm and no cranky at all even though the path way was not the best path way in the world. As you see in the picture, it is a rough path way to bring a stroller to heehhehhehe.

Baby A’s 1st AdventureAt first it was quite okay but at the end, on the way to the bank of the river, we found some challenges to take baby A’s stroller with us. Farfar, farmor, daddy and Gunni were working really hard to keep baby A as comfort as possible on the stiff hill down, while me? Of course I was busy taking pictures to have a good documentation for baby A later on to see hahahhaha. Trust me, at first I was in doubt to continue walking towards the river bank because it was completely cover with bushes and no path way could accommodate the stroller but daddy was so eager to take the whole family seeing the river. At the end, we had to carry the stroller with baby A stayed inside Baby A’s 1st Adventureundisturb and enjoying the terrific view of Öre river. It was a great day to have this kind of adventure.

We stayed not so long before headed off to the other place to continue our day trip. We have been so blessed to have such a good daughter, she didn’t cranky at all even though the road we passed is not an asphalt road and quite bumpy but she behaved really well and enjoyed the ride. The trip was end with a strawberry picking in one of the farm that we accidentaly passed on the way back home. The great thing to know was the price is really cheap, I paid for 50 SEK for almost 3 kg fresh and sweet strawberries. Honestly Baby A’s 1st Adventurespeaking, you can’t really buy this delicious fruit with those amount of money in Stockholm. Now we know that next time we will come to that farm again and picking our own strawberry, hopefully this time baby A would be able to walk and help us to pick them, amen.

I almost forgot to mention that we brought some cinnamon buns, soft drinks and some coffee. We had what Swede usually called ‘fika’ which is quite similar with afternoon tea *note: if you have it in the afternoon* hehehheh because we could have fika in the morning too between Baby A’s 1st Adventurebreakfast and lunch *smile*. It was a great feeling to be able to have some bite with a stunning view in front of us. P tried to walk on top of the big rocks in the middle of the river. I managed to take some picture without he knew it hihihihi. Unfortunately, baby A was sleeping and couldn’t enjoy the experience.

“Don’t you worry Sunshine, mummy has lots of picture to show you that you were there with us on your first adventure in the middle of Swedish beautiful nature”.

The day ended so well and we chilled out in the backyard and Baby A’s 1st Adventuregrilled some meat for dinner. We almost pessimist about the weather before because when we left Bjorkudden, the sky was picth dark but well… I guest we were lucky to have such a nice evening to complete our journey that day. We had brilliant time and this coming autumn A will have another adventure in the north part of Sweden.

I always enjoying myself to walk or get in touch with Swedish nature and I would like A to be the same. I have been blessed with a husband and parents in law who love to be adventures too especially doing some outdoor activities.

Another day another story… for now, I am signing out!

Stockholm, dym30082014Baby A’s 1st Adventure

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