My First Loppi Event 2014 in Stockholm

My First Loppi Event 2014 in Stockholm
Well, first of all I could say… what a day! *huge grin*

My First Loppi Event 2014 in StockholmIn the morning, our Sunshine and I went to Child Health Care Centre *CHCC or BVC in Swedish* and A got her first vaccination. I was a bit nervous because after that we were supposed to be in town for an event called Loppi Event. I couldn’t cancel the event itself because I have bought the ticket. Actually, A’s first vaccination would be on 2nd October 2014 but last week, one of the CHCC’s staff called me and changed the schedule to 30th September 2014. A was fine and she wasn’t cry at all when the nurse did the injection twice, our girl did a good job and behaved really well in CHCC. I got information that there is possibility and big chance that A would get fever for a day or two after this. The fact that A seemed to be fine, My First Loppi Event 2014 in Stockholmwe went to town and I can’t help it that on the way to town I was praying that A would be okay in the event. She did! Our Sunshine was quite happy to be around people and to join the event.

This was my first Loppi Event and you know what…love it for sure! We got to try so many activities and got a godie bag full of nice stuff. The event itself is quite interesting even though the place was quite small compare with how many people who came there. As I said before, we love it and we aim to come again next year for sure!

I took some pictures of the event and as you can see that I really enjoyed to be able to attend this. The other things that really interesting for me is Loppi website has so many challenging activities and competition to join and we have a chance to win many My First Loppi Event 2014 in Stockholminteresting stuff for our baby, for example beanie from Timote, baby sling , baby nest and many more. They have many top bloggers too that give us information what kind of competition we could join either in Instagram or in one of the top blogger’s blog. Since today, I am so keen to join every competition as many as I can, you never know when your luck comes and you get to try some new items that you not even think to have it before.

Let’s talk more specific about the competition of the beanie from Timote, I borrow one of the picture from Timote website to show which beanie that I would like to win. Why should I win, well… our daughter is type of little girl who doesn’t want to have any kind of hat on her head. When we put the beanie on her, not only the beanie My First Loppi Event 2014 in Stockholmmakes her cute overloaded but she doesn’t protest at all to have beanie on her head which for us it is quite surprising. So if I win the beanie from Timote then my daughter will be safe from the cold winter in Sweden. Fingers crossed that I would win this beanie for her.

It was a nice sunny autumn weather and because the location of the Loppi event was too small, we were not able to take our stroller inside. There was one staff from Loppi who took care of all the stroller outside, so even though we didn’t lock it, our stroller was safe from thief. As I said it before, I like to attend this kind of activities and next year, I will be more prepare than this year about the information and also about all the competitions which come before the event. One thing for sure… I love this kind of event!!!! *PS: especially when we have our little one now*

My First Loppi Event 2014 in StockholmIf you want to see more pictures about the event, you can see it in Instagram *if you have one* and don’t forget to use hash tag loppievent (#loppievent).

I am happy, our Sunshine was fine and nothing I could ask for more. I could say that today is a great day! See you again in the next event!!!

Stockholm, dym 30092014

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