Before the ‘Underbara Barn’ Exhibition

Before the Underbara Barn ExhibitionExhibition? Yes, this I could say is the biggest exhibition for children so far as I know at least. Hold in Älvsjö, a location where all kind of exhibitions is taking place. It is very easy access to reach it both by car and by public transportation which in this case is busses and train.

Apparently, this specific exhibition for kids is being held for quite sometimes now and honestly speaking, before I have my lovely baby A, I never heard about it. Not because I don’t interested in attend it but I think the main reason is lack of information. Luckily I join a group of lovely mothers on Facebook that introduce me to this event and I’m sure I would love it!! As you know, when you have something in common then you will get along quite well and sharing information as much as you can. Well, I’ve been to Älvsjö so many time to see more than thousand exhibitions but again never heard about this Underbara Barn. Thanks God, I join the group which I called ‘Mamma Gruppen’ and thanks to my friends there to share this information to me 🙂

Before the Underbara Barn ExhibitionYou know what, before the exhibition, the organizer in this case Underbara Barn itself and some sponsor hold so many competition that you can win prizes from doll to eating set for baby. As you may guess, of course I try to join them to have fun and guess what… I have won some of them! 😀 Let me tell you in details then hehehe

First, I won goodie bag from Underbara Barn. They give away only 800 goodie bag this year and I am one of the lucky ones who will receive it on Sunday. It was really excited when I was opening my email early on 1st October and found out that I won this goodie bag. I will go to the exhibition with some friends and they too joined the competition but unfortunately they haven’t won it. Well, after a sleepless night -because our lovely Sunshine had fever because of the vaccination that she got it in the morning of 30th September- it felt so good to read this good news on email. Not bad really, to win something for my first children exhibition to attend to.
Before the Underbara Barn ExhibitionSecond, I won a second place on the competition to draw your own Julle doll. Underbara barn in cooperation with Filur Design had challenged us to draw our own doll based on the design that Filur design has. At first, I was in doubt because everybody knows that I am useless in drawing! 😀 But one of my friend, Sisca encouraged me to have fun. Well, I convinced myself to try and I did! Then guess…it paid off!!! I won an eating set and a doll from Filur design for our baby A. My first reaction? Jumping with a big smile! Hahahhaha I know it is not a million dollar prize but to be able to conquer my doubt is something really mean a lot to me. Heyyy…. Filur Design has cute and adorable product that I know, our A would love it!!!

Third, I got invitation to attend special event called ‘Blogg Frukosten’ which mean a breakfast for blogger. This event hold by Bonti for an active blogger in their stand on the exhibition which you could find it at ‘monter 12:31’ A and I definitely will be there earlier than 09:00 when the breakfast starts. This is yet again another new experience for me in specific. Would write about it later when we come home from the event. Not only Bonti gives us a free breakfast, they also provide a free entry to the exhibition, yuhuuuu… another reason to put big smile on my face hahahaha. Actually, as I planned before that I would going there with some friends who has kids on Sunday, Before the Underbara Barn Exhibitionthe third day and last day of the competition but now…because of the generosity of Bonti, I got two chances to browse what is happening in the Underbara Barn exhibition. Thank youuuu Bonti!!! 🙂

Well, I hope these winning will be the beginning of our journey to win some more in the future, amen. It is not a big deal actually but the feeling of it quite exciting and you know what…if we don’t win in other competition, we can use it as a lesson to train ourselves to accept any situation in life. Pssst… I write this post when the clock is almost 4 in the morning. I woke up because suddenly I am hungry and need something to eat. In a couple of hours A and I will be in Älvsjö, join many mothers and mothers to be and it is going to be so much fun for sure, I will definitely write about my first experience in Underbara Barn exhibition. You will read the post for sure 😀

Stockholm, dym 03102014

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