Neme Shop and Babyland Event in Stockholm

A Short Summarize Well, exact a week after my last post πŸ˜€ What has happened? Well… not much really πŸ™‚

We went to visit one of our friends on Saturday, had some laugh and playdate for our babies. It was fun with Indonesian food served to make the day even brighter hahaha πŸ˜€

On Sunday, A and I were attending baby event which organized by Neme Shop and Babyland. Neme Shop is online shop where you can find nursing clothes. As you know, it is quite hard to find the right clothes when you breastfeed your baby especially in Sweden, so… Neme Shop has everything for you. You can find yourself doing your routine as a mother with style πŸ™‚ They have very simple design but cool yet efficient, highly recommend it indeed. Babyland is a baby shop that has good variety of things and I found myself like a kid in the candy store πŸ˜€ Wish to grab every single thing for A there hahaha… need to raise my self-control in this case πŸ˜› On that day we also talked about the woman’s body after giving birth, so it was brilliant information for us who just got our cute ones.Β I found out that I pushed my stroller in the wrong position so actually it is not good in the long term. I change the way I push it definitely.

A Short Summarize On the way home, we got two goodie bags, one from Neme Shop and the other one from Babyland (this I got because I bought a teether for A in the shop).

What is inside? Well… there are many good stuff for A and yes, I am a happy mother haha πŸ˜€ Below is the list of the contents of our two goodie bags of the day. Please don’t be surprise if you see the list is quite long πŸ™‚ They are quite generous to give us chance to try they product.

Neme Shop goodie bag:

– Vi FΓΆrΓ€ldrar magazine

– Weleda hand cream Calendula sachet

– Weleda shampoo & body wash Calendula

– Weleda body lotion

– Sophie La Girafe Baby face cream sachet

– Sophie La Girafe baby hair & body wash sachet

– Tommee Tippee anytime soother

– Babyland reflector

– Label-label pacifier clip

– Mam breast pads

– Teddy Kompaniet reflector

– Weleda nursing pads

– Tomy toy (lamaze dinosaur)

– Jabadabado toy (red dog)

– Babyland blue blanket (cow)

– Nuk Anatomisk nipple

– Dr Brown’s wide neck bottle

– Lego Duplo toy (dog’s house)

Babyland goodie bag has lots of stuff that A can use it when she is a bit older, check this out:

– Swimpy sun hat

– Nuby Flip N’ Sip bottle

– Nuby the nibbler

– Nuby toothbrush

– Nuby wide neck bottle

– Nuby teether

You see, I am so happy to receive this goodie bag. Of course you have to wake up a bit early to join the event because it was started at 10 AM on Sunday morning, but hey… it was worth it for sure!!! We got good tips and advise about our body and great goodie bag to go πŸ™‚ What can you ask for more!

One happy mother and daughter here πŸ˜€

Stockholm, dym 18112014

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