Thursday Adventure


Thursday Adventure Finally, I could sit down in front of my laptop and have time to update this blog. Pardon me, it takes couple days to tell you all about our adventure last Thursday. Do you want to know the reasons *yes not one or two but many reasons πŸ˜€ LOL*? Baby A kept me on my Thursday Adventure toes, some stuff need to fix first and needed to make telephone call to my family in Bali, Indonesia. More? Noooo… I don’t want to bore you with those reasons! Better we talk about the adventure, shall we πŸ˜‰

First stop was an event host by Pompidard, Mini Mansion and Axel & Fred. Maybe some of you know already these three companies run by mummies who turn become succesful entrepreneur. Well for some of you who don’t know yet, I’ll give you short description about them.

Pompidard is a company who makes eco friendly and non-toxic clothes for children without losing the style and comfy of the clothes itself. The design is quite simple yet really stylish and love the simplicity that actually you can mix and match with other clothes that your child already has. If you are interested in knowing more of thisΒ company you can check it here. Psssst… don’t forget to check their beanies, they are sooooo adorable!!! πŸ™‚ I highly recommend Pompidard if you want to get outfit for your lovely baby. They have their Pop Up store in town by the way where you can come, talk, discuss and see their products. So, what are you waiting for? πŸ˜€

Thursday Adventure As a first time mom, I just don’t have time to browse on internet to find anything especially shop or website about home-dΓ©cor, clothes for children. But now I have the sollution!!! πŸ˜€ I met the founder of Mini Mansion, a website where you can find almost everything about kids and a lot more. It is really easy to navigate yourself finding something like as I mentioned above. Β There is a short description and also direct link to the shop that you want to visit. Easy peasy and trust me… it could help you safe your time πŸ™‚ Visit the website here!

The other company was Axel & Fred which makes designed and handmade bed sheet and pillow case. Material that they use is really soft and comfy, makes you want to sleep on it. Thursday AdventureLove the pastel colours that they use. Even though you don’t have any kid yet, you still can have a look and who knows you would like to have the product at your home πŸ™‚

We got some goodie bag when we headed off to the next destination of the day which was Hard Rock Cafe πŸ˜€ to have lunch. Did you know that there are the chefs in HDR are Balinese and yes… I know them πŸ™‚ So, it was a perfect opportunity to see them after such long time since the last time we seeing each other. Hmmm, I could say, it was almost 2 years!!! Can you believe it??!! Time flies and sometimes you have to be happy to just finish some of your top priority in your list, the rest is a bonus. Well… it was nice to have small chat with Balinese friends and they got chance to see my baby A. they knew that I was pregnant but hadn’t got chance to see my lovely A. You know what… A seemed happy too when I took her lunch in a restaurant with music from many era. At first A was sleeping and after 30 minutes she woke up with smile on her face, our happyThursday Adventure and cute clown πŸ˜€ I managed to take pictures when she enjoy Phil Collins sang his songs on the screen which are located in many corners of the restaurant.

Lunch is done time to have a walk to our next and last destination of the day, Bonti! Yes, there was an event that late afternoon. Bugaboo introducing a new nursery bag that the design is really smart and practical to use. There was competition to win one bag but unfortunately I was not lucky enough to get it, but my friend was πŸ˜€ Yes, my two Indonesian mummies and I were having fun in every event that we attend. Sharing the moments and talk about lots of things regarding babies and some other thing around it hahaha!

You know what… apparently Bonti was not our last destination, well… for me at least *grin* I found a cute coat for baby A in a second-hand shop called Nu & DΓ₯ and yeah… I couldn’t help myself not to stop there and grab the orange coat and red sweater. Can’t wait Thursday Adventure to take pictures of A wearing them.

We got the second goodie bag of the day as you see on the picture. We were almost spending the whole day in town. Luckily the weather was quite nice even though it gets dark quickly. Yeah, if you have fun, you will not be bother with what the weather is, right?! So, we took separate ways around 5 pm. I decided to walk to papa P’s office and went home together. It was great event and meeting great people made the day even more wonderful! We went home with smile on our faces πŸ™‚

Ups…. before I stop, those companies have their own instagram account and don’t forget to follow them if you want to get update from them. I did, how about you? πŸ˜‰

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