We are Blessed with Sunny Days

We are Blessed with Sunny DaysAs you might heard about Swedish summer which can brings so many rainy days. You can check the weather forecast everyday but you never know if you will get the same one or completely different.

We have been blessed with such nice weather for more than a week now. One or two days we got rainy in the morning but when the clock pas noon, the sun shone and we were outside for the whole day. A was having bath everyday and she loves it so much. She could stay for hours playing with water and enjoying the sun touched her skin. Well, definitely she would love to be in Bali where she could jump to the water anytime 😀 We noticed that her skin got darker and it made us happy because it means that chance to get sunburn is less than her dad.

I am still trying to put my pictures in order. Some of them I took a couple of months ago and yeah…I just got time to transfer them from camera to computer. It takes longer because when we have such brilliant weather, I rather spend my time with my love ones outside even though we actually are doing nothing. Sunbathing, enjoying cup of tea or coffee or ice cream for sure 😀 It is always a thought inside my head that would say,

“You can do the task later on Deni, when the sun is hiding and the rain comes”

Yeah,…but no! Actually I have to put them in order as soon as possible. The main reason is We are Blessed with Sunny DaysI have thousand of them *grin* and if I don’t do it soon, they will pile up until I don’t know where to begin. Blame the sunny days then hahaha.

Hey, did I tell you that we ( I ) managed to wean A but only for half day. Usually she breast-feed once or twice per night but now, no more breast-feeding time because A sleeps through whole night. My lovely hubby P is helping me a lot during this process. We started on Saturday two weeks ago, when A slept with papa only for the first time. Wow…what a drama we had at midnight. A woke up and realize that I wasn’t there and she won’t get any breast-milk. She started to walk through farfar’ and farmor’s hallway and tried to find me but papa was the winner and managed to calm her down. She felt sleep at last till…

The drama started again around 3-4 AM, the same thing happened but I think papa had became an expert to calm A down. She woke up at 8 and I was there to pick her up. I hold her and she seemed didn’t want to let me go. I thought that first day will be a bit tough for her but nope…I was wrong. A was a happy toddler that we always know, played football with farfar and farmor, had a bath under the sun and many activities outside the house. So, we are so glad that first night went well.

We are Blessed with Sunny DaysSecond night, A was cranky but there was no drama at all. She woke up only one time and cried for couple of second before felt asleep again. When she got up from bed, farmor and farfar were there to hold her. She ignored me when I tried to hold her 😀 Aaaaaaah, I felt a bit sad, to be honest but it didn’t take long. After having breakfast she came to me and cuddled me as usual 😀 The third night, she finally slept through and not even single sound we heard from her. Papa did an amazing job and I am so proud of both, papa and A. On Tuesday she got her BCG (TBC) shot from nurse in Umeå hospital because we tried to get it in Stockholm and the result was zero. Apparently, not only in Sweden but all over Europe is lack of this TBC vaccination. We were lucky that we managed to get while we were visiting farfar and farmor. So, nothing to worry when we are travelling to Bali, Indonesia later on. Because of this vaccination, we decided that I would sleep with her and will let her breast-feed if she wanted but you know what… A didn’t ask for it at all. I am so so proud of her, she woke up to cuddle me only. It warmed my heart and put smile on my face,

“Good job, Sunshine!”

So, from two weeks ago, A is officially off from breast-feeding in the night time. We will try to wean her slowly for day time. Well, actually, if she has lots of activities with other (for example with farfar, farmor or papa) she tends to forgot about breast-feed, so we will try to have as much activities as possible to help the process of weaning.

Back to Stockholm, we try to train A to sleep on her own bed. For 13 months, she sleptWe are Blessed with Sunny Days with me and we think that this is the right time to train her because she doesn’t breast-feed in the night any longer. Maybe it is kind of late for some people but we have our own reason why A is still sleeping with me until she is over 1 year old, one of them was the two hours operation after giving birth to A and by sleeping with A, it helped me to not moving so often and help the healing process. It took me 3 months to heal properly but after that we made decision that A will sleep with me until she reached 1 year 😀 because I looooove it and our condition allowed us to do that.

The first night, A was crying because she thought that she slept alone. She couldn’t see us because our bed is much much higher that her bed. She woke up at 2 AM and I hold her until she felt sleep again. I let her know that we are in the same room with her. It was succeed! 😀 In the morning, it was around 7 AM, A touched my feet and let me know that she woke up. I grabbed her to join us in the big bed to cuddle. So, I could say that she can sleep by her own now even though it is still in the same room. We take it one step at the time while we have chance for it. We don’t want to rush anything if it is about A, she has her own time and she will let us know when she is ready for anything. Well, another milestone for our Sunshine.

“We are so proud of you and love you so much, A!”

So, yes…we are back to routine now. I think we have (finally) summer weather in Stockholm, so tomorrow is going to be another warm and sunny day. Will do some errands at home first in the morning and maybe in the afternoon we will go to some big park to have a loooong walk with A. We will see how it will end up, definitely will keep you update for that 😀

Stockholm, dym03082015

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A Balinese who is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I love to write almost about everything and it helps me to understand more about myself and life.I love traveling, where I can learn a lot about other cultures, I love reading where I can improve my languages skill and learn about others through their works, and photography is one of my passions where I learn to understand nature deeper. I am a dream catcher... and will always be! Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy to read my posts. Take care
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4 Responses to We are Blessed with Sunny Days

  1. Di' says:

    Way to go, Agnes!!!

  2. mellyloveskitchen says:

    Here too as well, the weather was completely different and still in good mood for doing activities outside ^^

    Two thumbs uo for you A, good job !! what a great team work, mama and papa !!
    For a while, it reminds me what’s great weaning with love for double A and now, i do miss that moment

    • dema1497 says:

      Thank you Bulur, yup… definitely this moment will last forever and one day we will miss it for sure. That is also the other reason why we try to enjoy it as much as we can 🙂

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