Long Weekend Activity

Long Weekend Activity

It was Saturday, May 7th when we decided to go and see yearly event known by ’kosläpp’ or ’betesläpp’. One event where the farmers all over Sweden let their cows out to the field for the first time, one of sign that Spring season i here. This kind of event attracks not one or two but thousand and more people to watch. No wonder that everytime we arrive on scene, we could see that we are not alone *grin*.

Long Weekend Activity

This year, we watched it with Farmor and Farfar who visited us for long weekend. Farfar was a farmer and we made a joke that we pick to see this event as a gift for him because we know how he miss being a farmer *LOL*. From the beginning, I had tried to find event close to our place but unfortunately all of them were fully booked. We were so lucky when we found some more spot left in one of the farmers in Eskilstuna. It is only 1 hour to go there from home, quite convenient and we found out that this will be the first time for Farmor and Farfar visited Eskilstuna. So, one tips for you who would like to go to watch ’kosläpp’ next year is you have to check the date and book it in advance. You have more places to choose and to find more information about the farm itself. As our experience, there was no one checking the registration but you never know maybe in the other farm they check name by name for the one who has booked it or not. I would say, it is better well prepared then feel sorry for not doing the registration.

Long Weekend Activity

For me and Papa P, this was not our first time to see ’kosläpp’ because we watched before in one of the farms in Uppsala, it is about 1 hour from Stockholm. It was back in 2012 and you could read about it here. The experience is completely different with this year, started from the people who came and the amount of cows that let out to the field. Eskilstuna event much bigger than 4 years ago. It is about 500 or more people filled the farm and more than 150 cows that jumped happily in the field when they touched the grass for the first time and got some fresh air.

Long Weekend Activity

We came one hour early and found out that many people has found the best place to watch and had picnic at the same time. As I said before that we went there without any big preparation so we were amazed to see how well prepared people were while we came without anything at all except camera. Luckily, there was hotdog stand and we ate some light lunch before the event started. Other thing which different with our previous experience was Wormtorp Arla farm provided unlimited free cinnamon buns and milk in a small carton while in Uppsala they didn’t provide this type of treat to people. Another tips for you who interested to watch, don’t forget to come a bit early to get the best spot and bring your own sandwich or food and picnic mat to sit on. I think it is only in the farmers that belong to Arla that you get some free cinnamon buns and milk. If you want, you can call and ask the farmer about the event.Long Weekend Activity

Wormtorp Farm Eskilstuna lets us to go around the farm and see how all the cows live in winter time. Children could see some of baby cows and touch and feed them. Don’t worry about your hands, Wormtorp provided a station that you could wash and sanitize your hands after feeding the cow. It is not only that, they also provided face painting and Arla’s temporary tattoo for children who would enjoy the event even more. They handed over a paper and pen so you could answer a couple of questions about the cows and the farm by going around the farm and find the answer in many several places, for example in one of the cowsheds. I think this type of quiz is very good to educate the children about the cow and their environment. Another thing that you could prepared from home, don’t forget to bring some small change to pay for the car park. Well, actually it was optional car park fee so it is up to you how many you would give or maybe you don’t want to give at all. We always give some amount especially when they help you to arrange the place where you can park your car nicely and easy to get out if we want to go home earlier. Another purpose why you have to bring some cash if you want to see kosläpp event *grin*.

Long Weekend Activity

Papa P was a bit worried that A would not enjoy the event because A has tendency to get scare of animal like horse and bigger dogs. But I told him that we should take the chance and you never know what A’s reaction would be. If A got scared that we would watch it from distance but apparently A was really happy and wanted to come closer to the cows. I wasn’t able to see it because I stood close to the entrance of the field so I got chance to capture the emotione of the cows from beginning. Farmor, Farfar, A and Papa P were in the other side of the field and got some place to sit under the tree. That is why I don’t have any photo at all of A when she saw the cows but I promise myself that next year we would stay in the same spot so I could focus on capturing A too.

Long Weekend ActivityTaking picture of those happy cows is something that I love to do. To see how they behave could puts mile on your face and I think some cows are aware that we watched them so they stroke a pose and gave their best to jump and made everyone (especially children) screamed and laugh loudly. I can’t remember what is the reason why we miss 3 kosläpp event in 2013-2015. We are (mostly me haha) so happy to be able to enjoy this event with A and hopefully next year, Farmor and Farfar would be able to join us again. I think they were also enjoy the event as much as we do.

Long Weekend Activity

There are many farms that arrange kosläpp event but usually I check two most famous milk company such as Arla and Skånemejerier. One more tip for you, check the date start in early March and the beginning of April to see where is the nearest event that you could try to visit. I think this is not for children but also good entertainment for adults, other way to hang out with friends and family. At the same time we could explain to our children where the milk come from and make them aware that happines is not only us human but also for any other living creature. I hope you enjoy the picture and could feel our experience during the kosläpp event in Eskilstuna and hopefully I could take you to the same event next year.

Stockholm, dym 15052016

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