My Therapy Activities

My Therapy Activities_3 kopiaPrunus padus aka Hagberry flowers that you could find along the road to A’s pre-school

Feeling blue is something that I couldn’t avoid as a human being. Before it happens usually I could sense it and I will try to do some activities as therapy session to break the pattern and boost my energy back. There are many activities that I consider as my therapy moments, two of them are taking picture and hang out with my camera while walking and get in touch with nature.

I am not a photographer but I have passion in capturing moments, nature and everything which I found interesting. These two exercises go hand in hand and always succeed to help me ease whatever that bother me. I don’t need to find a special place to have walk and take picture, it is enough to take a stroll or two around the area where I live. I have learned that something ordinary could be a very interesting object if you willing to take a look deeper and able to capture the moment. This what my photography is all about, capturing moment by moment because personally, every picture that I took able to tell me a story that could light up my spirit or help me to improve me as a human being. I love to take my time to look at my picture collections and have a déjà vu moment. Well should I say this is another therapy activity that I love to do *grin*.

My Therapy Activities_2 kopiaThis table has been my photography object for awhile now and I still love it

Like the other day, I got something that I had to clear off from my mind. I grabbed my camera and went to the woods behind our community. We pass it almost everyday on the way to A’s pre-school and I notice that there are couple of things that could be my photography objects. I dropped A at school and on the way back home, I walk slowly and enjoyed my surrounding. Not long after I reach the path way I saw a white cherry blossom tree and after I realized, I was busy taking pictures and admired the beauty of this white flower. Some people who passed me on the way to work or to drop their children, stop by and chat with me about the weather and what I was doing. One of them said that it is very rare to see someone with camera that could stay long in one spot. Usually she saw people take one or two pictures and then go again. I explained to her that it is my habit to stay a bit longer in one object and take a couple of shots in many different angle and test some different setting in the camera. She saw some of the pictures on my camera and said that I have to make it as a calendar photo so I can display it at home. I answered that I will think about it and we say good bye to each other.

My Therapy Activities_6 kopiaWhite cherry blossom flowers that made people stop and have a chat with me

I choose to take picture in manual mode so I have to adjust the ISO, apperture and some other setting if I move the angle to get the picture that I want, a picture which give me a story. As I said, I am still learning taking the best picture (in my opinion) and this is the way I learn and improve my ability in photography. Sometimes I could get the picture I want by one shot but yet again, I would take couple more shots to compare it when I get home and transfer the pictures in my laptop. I could stare at them hours and hours and find the differences and learn which setting I love best. If satisfaction is not achieved yet then I would think how to take a better picture next time. I believe that here is always room for improvment even though we already satisfied with the result that we get now.

My Therapy Activities_5 kopiaA path to the play ground

I was staying outside almost 2 hours and you know what… the thing that bothered me was gone and I am on top again. By saying it is gone means that I accept it as something that I couldn’t do much about it so move on *grin*. Sometimes it takes longer to see something clearly or it takes me to do one or more my therapy activities to make it through. Beside those two (or three) way that I have mentioned above, one more thing that could help me to think better is reading. I love to read but I have not so many favorit writer. My collection contain many books that I have read for more than 10 times. Yes, it sound weird but if I love a book, then I could read it over, over and over again. Some of my favorite books are written by Paulo Coelho. Everytime I read ’The Alchemist’ I always feel that I have additional energy to face any challenge that life throws at me. This book too is always succeed to make me calm everytime I got mad about something. What can I say, I love this book so much.

My Therapy Activities_1 kopiaLilac flower along the road

There are couple books that I would Agnes to read it later on when she is able to, one of the is a book that is written by Randy Pausch an American professor of computer science, human–computer interaction, and design who passed away in 2008 because of pancreatic cancer. The book is called ’The Last Lecturer’ and I love love love every single words that written there. This book has helped me and gave me courage couple of time when I feel lost and I was in my lowest place. I knew about this book by accident when I was looking for new book to read. I searched randomly in Google and I came across with Randy’s video on youtube and I just can’t stop to watch it for a couple of times. It seemed that there is something that locked me on it and I can’t stop thinking about it. I decided to buy the book because it is easier to bring it everywhere I go and I could open it and read it everytime I want without worrying about the internet connection. This book is part of my exclusive shelf in our library. I wish that Agnes would read it once in her life and learn something from it, amen.

My Therapy Activities_4 kopiaA sign of spring season in the woods behind the area where we live

Sitting down with my favorit books is always something that I am looking forward to do when I have spare time especially when the summer is just in the corner. I am lucky that I can do it quite often when I accompany A plays with her toys. Lately, I don’t need to play along everytime A is at home. She is good at using her imagination and creating lots of stories with her toys and books. Sometimes we do play together and have conversation or just reading books together. So, it doesn’t take any expensive treatment for me to get rid of anything that could make me feel down or get away from our routine for awhile. Simple yet effective is the ground of my therapy activities.

How about yours? Do you have some tips that you would like to share with me? Please do 🙂

Stockholm, dym 09062016

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3 Responses to My Therapy Activities

  1. nyonyasepatu says:

    Din suka deh foto2nya, ajarin dong….kece banget. Kamu pas posting ada pake edit2an gak?

    • dema1497 says:

      Aiiihhhh Mbak Nonik terima kasih atas pujiannya, senang kalau Mbak Nonik suka. Saya masih belajar Mbak, ayooo belajar sama-sama hehehhe. Tergantung fotonya Mbak, aku kalo edit cuma di Lightroom dan yang aku ubah sedikit cuman exposure-nya (karena kadang masih suka tidak sesuai dengan terang yang aku mau) atau sesekali diedit di tone yang aku mau seperti BW, abu-abu atau coklat (vintage). Selebihnya aku biarkan aja sealami mungkin Mbak 🙂
      Foto Mbak Nonik di Instagram juga tidak kalah kereeeen dari foto-fotoku lhoooo 🙂

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