The Girl Who Always Brings Rainbow

The Girl Who Always Brings Rainbow_6

Two years ago, there was a little girl born on one rainy day in the summer time. She wasn’t crying at all but smile to her mom who held her for the first time. Beside them, there was her dad, standing with no words but his eyes show some tears and full of happiness and pride for his little girl who finally he met in person. Three of them promise to each other to love and support each other in their new journey together. New capital in their book of life was just begun with a new member of a team, a solid and unbeatable team.

The other part of Sweden, there were two lovely people who were with them from the minute they arrived in hospital until the new face of the future was born. Two people who had been waiting for this moment for quite sometimes, two people who we believe in tears of happiness to read a sms from their son about a little girl who came to the world to complete them as a family. Farmor and Farfar were not sleeping to wait for the news and they couldn’t wait to meet their princess.

The Girl Who Always Brings Rainbow_1

While far far away…in the other continent of this world, in Bali, Indonesia…there were beloved ones who were also excited to hear the new beginning. There were all awake to get some message on their phone, a photo of a little angel that will bring another story in our big family. A girl whom they will spend time to explore the beauty of not only Bali but Indonesia. They wished to see little miss Sunshine for real but because of the distance they had to wait and happy to receive one or two or more pictures of her every day, every week, month and year till finally got chance to hold her.

We have been blessed to be her parents. A girl who is never give us any trouble, the girl who sleep through the night since she was 5 days old. A baby who behaves so well till now. Her name is combination of our grandma’s names. I dreamt of the complete name when we lived in the UK back in 2006. Woke up with a little bit confusion how I recognized only one name, Kartika, which was one of my grandma’s name. I asked Papa P that time and yes…the other names, Agnes and Linnea, were his grandma’s name. Weird…that was a word in my mind at the time because it was like happen in reality that five of us (Farmor and Farfar was there too) inside the hospital bed where I was lying and holding a baby girl. We discussed about a name and we all agreed that we use this beautiful name for our little precious. At that time, we hadn’t thinking to have a baby in our married life yet. We decided to enjoy each other company, getting to know the real us and at the same time to prepare how we could be a great parents, a good example for our next generation. In our mind, being a parent is not an easy task but joyful for sure. We think that we have to be ready before we could build our nest with one or two mini us whom we will give our full attention and love unconditionally. Being a parent is fulltime job, a challenging job which could test our strength, patience, ego, knowledge, our commitment and how far we are willing to sacrifice our life to serve our kids, especially when our kids still small and need us the most.

The Girl Who Always Brings Rainbow_5

So far we did it well even though there are always something that we could do better but no regrets att all. A is a happy little miss Sunshine who eats all kind of vegetables since she was 6 months. She never have trouble to sleep through the night and never been a cranky baby. Of course she could get tantrum too but it is easy to handle and it won’t last so long. With hugs and calm explanation, she would be fine again. She is very understanding in many different occasion and many people amazed how well she behaved in the crowd or any given time. Sometimes, she surprised us with her knowledge and how she observed the information and able to deliverer it to us and others. She is the one who always finding a way to make us laugh, sometimes just with a simple act or expression of her cheeky face. (Not so baby) A loves to cuddle and being cuddled by us or other family member even some friends. She is an easy going little girl, loves nature, couldn’t sit still for long time and has a very curious mind. No one could stop her if she decide to fokus to do something that interest her. I call her my beatiful dancer because she will dance as soon as she hears music and own the move she made.

The Girl Who Always Brings Rainbow_2

Our baby favorit drink is still water. Sometimes she amazed me by choosing water rather than any other drink that kids usually love to drink. A never afraid to try any kind of food that we offer to her, the matter of she like it or not is not important to us and we are grateful she has this ability. She is definitely not a picky eater and for us this is another key point because she would be travel quite a lot in many different continents and we are never worried about bringing food from home. When we were in Bali last year, she ate a fruit/vegetable called ’Belimbing Wuluh/Sayur’ which has latin name Averrhoa Bilimbi which made her uncle (who took her to a neighbour) freak out and amazed because this fruit/vegetable is very sour and even adult is finding hard to eat it fresh. Yet again, this is A, a little girl who is unique and willing to try every fruits and vegetables.

The Girl Who Always Brings Rainbow_4

A teaches us a lot about life, from a simple thing till the most complicated one. Spending time with her give us deeper understanding that we can create our own happiness, we can choose either being happy or being miserable since we open our eyes in the morning. As a adult, we are quite good in compromise on any kind of things or situation but A taught us since she was born and now we even more understand and willing to compromise even more to anything. This little angel also showed us that we able to do something that we never ever thought that we are able to do. She is the one who always brings rainbow in our cloudy day, she is the one who could turn our frustation become power to get up and make it better. A is the one who makes us never lose hope for everything, even when we think that there is no way out. She is complete us in her unique way, therefore we are forever grateful for this gift from God, to have chance to be A’s parent.

The Girl Who Always Brings Rainbow_3

”Happy birthday Sunshine, be yourself and don’t be afraid of the challenges that life throw at you. Dream big, our precious one! Be a dream catcher, be kind to others, be anything you want to be and be the one who never lose faith in humanity. As your Dad ever said to me, the sky is the limit. May God showers you with health and his blessing on you in every step you make. Mom and Dad will be here for you and we love you unconditionally girl! ”

Stockholm, dym 30062016

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A Balinese who is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I love to write almost about everything and it helps me to understand more about myself and life.I love traveling, where I can learn a lot about other cultures, I love reading where I can improve my languages skill and learn about others through their works, and photography is one of my passions where I learn to understand nature deeper. I am a dream catcher... and will always be! Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy to read my posts. Take care
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4 Responses to The Girl Who Always Brings Rainbow

  1. Di' says:

    Have a blessed birthday, Agnes. So glad that I can see how much you’ve grown through your mother’s stories. May you’ll be healthy and witty. May you’ll be beautiful inside and out. XOXO

    • dema1497 says:

      Ameeeeeeeeeeenn, thank you Tante Di sayang. Semoga masih diberikan umur panjang untuk belajar, berjalan, berpetualang dan menulis bersama A, ameeeen. XOXO

  2. mellyloveskitchen says:

    Happy Birthday, Agnes….
    All the best wishes for you dear ❤ ❤

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