Bunny Egg Cover

Bunny Egg Cover

I join a craft club here in Stockholm called The Craft Lab and every month they have a challenge that every member could challenge their creativity and answer it. This August month is about ’Festival’ and when I heard it, the first time that came to my mind is Christmas. I tried to dig in and search what should I make when I came across a thought about Easter! Yes, Easter celebration and it would be quite cute for A later on to decorate her eggs. Then I search for some inspiration and I got it from Islaura blog  with some adjusment because when I tried to follow the pattern the shape was not that cute as in the picture 😀

So this is my interpretation of ’Festival’ challenge host by The Craft Lab Stockholm.

Bunny Egg Cover

Material : Schachemayr Nomotta Catania yarn ( 3 different colours)

Crochet hook : number 3

Abbreviations: sc (single crochet), sts (stiches), increase 2à1 ( work 2 single crochet in 1 stich), decrease 1à2 (work 2 stiches in one sc)


Round 1: Start with a magic circle, work 8 sc into the circle. (8 sts)

Round 2: 2à1 (16 sts)

Round 3 and 4: Work one round of sc. (16 sts)

Round 5: *1 sc, then 2 sc in the next stich.* Repeat it for the whole round. (24 sts)

Round 6: Work one round of 1 sc. (24 sts)

Round 7: *1 sc, then 2 sc in the next stich.* Repeat it for the whole round. (32 sts)

Round 8-13: Work one round of 1 sc. (32 sts)

Slip stich, fasten off and weave in the yarn ends.

Bunny Egg Cover

Bunny’s Ear

I made two of this.

Make 13 chain and work  1 sc around it with 2à1 the end of those 13 sts, so your round would have 25 sts. Change your yarn and work 1 sc one more round and with 2à1 at half way you make the round. So you will have 26 sts in your round.


I made two of this.

Round 1: Work 5 chain.

Round 2: Work 5 sc in the chain. (5 sts)

Round 3: *3 sc, 1à2* Decrease (4 sts)

Roung 4: *2 sc, 1à2* Decrease (3 sts)

Round 5: *1 sc, 1à2* Decrease (2 sts)

Round 6: 1à2 Decrease (1 st)

Round 7. Make 7 chain

Fasten off.

Note: you can adjust or add the round of the cap depend on the size of your egg.

Bunny Egg Cover

I am apologize for the pattern if you found it difficult to understand. This is the first time I wrote a pattern by myself. If you happen to live in Stockholm and has questions about this, we could meet up and I could show you how to make these bunny egg covers. Or, you could join us in The Craft Lab community which also has an Instagram account with the same name @thecraftlab  and Facebook group . See you there 🙂

Stockholm, dym17082016

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  1. Lulu says:

    Dua minggu lalu kita ke Stockholm ama Uppsala! Lupa kasih tau:( tau gitu bisa ketemuan di Hötorget atau dimana.

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