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Dandelion: a Silent Dancer Who Wears Tutu

One fine day on the way home from my morning walk, my eyes caught this beautiful Dandelion flower stood alone in the field near our home. It was located quite far away from the other dandelions and when I took … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Always Brings Rainbow

Two years ago, there was a little girl born on one rainy day in the summer time. She wasn’t crying at all but smile to her mom who held her for the first time. Beside them, there was her dad, … Continue reading

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Di Kala Hujan Menyapa Bumi

Hujan seharian di luar sana, sempat keluar sebentar mengantar putri tersayang untuk main air dan berlari di bawah hujan. Mengingatkan aku akan masa kecil, dimana berada di bawah hujan itu adalah suatu momen yang sangat ditunggu-tunggu. Tidak perduli apakah badan … Continue reading

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As Pure as White Cherry Blossom

I came across a blog post in WordPress community about Weekly Photo Challenge and this week theme would be ’Pure’. Every Friday, there will be a new theme introduce for us who would like to join the challenge. So here is … Continue reading

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Winter time in Sweden?

‘What will you do in winter time?’ A question that you might hear especially when you live in a country like Sweden which has longer winter season than other three seasons in a year 😀 I got this question a … Continue reading

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Penghuni rumah lagi pada sakit

Di luar hujan salju, dilihat dari jendela sepertinya cantik amat cuaca hari ini karena matahari sedikit mengintip di permukaan. Sayangnya, ada yang terbaring tidur nyenyak di sampingku, anak kecil yang lagi kena pilek. Papa P udah ga enak badan dari … Continue reading

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Wow… February is here!

January is always been what I called a ‘lazy’ month. Why, because it’s kind of everything is going so slow yet the month passed without me doing nothing. Well, actually I can’t really say that I was doing nothing, because … Continue reading

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